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Vera Adel – the Runway model, dreaming of Christian Dior

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vera adelFrumuseţea ei este rezultatul iubirii dintre un libanez şi o rusoaică, este naturală, a lucrat ca model pentru branduri super cunoscute şi acum învaţă româna şi franceza. Româna, pentru că are mulţi prieteni în România şi Moldova, iar franceza, pentru că îşi doreşte să-ţi dezvolte cariera de model în Paris şi visează să lucreze pentru Christian Dior. Este vorba despre Vera Adel, care a acceptat să ofere un scurt interviu pentru blog-ul Ladylike. Lectură plăcută!

Tell me something about you – Where are you from? How old are you? For which brands have you worked as model? Your motto!

I am Vera Adel, I am 23 years old. I live in Moscow. My mom is from Russia and my dad is from Lebanon. I started working as a model 5 years ago. I worked at the beginning for a small agency called Multitalent. Now I work for Runway. I have advertisement for Coca-cola, Asics, Swatch, Ford, Lilly Reich, Tabatha jeans etc. I graduated the university from Moscow, business administration class. My motto is no impossible.

vera adelWhat means fashion for you?

Fashion means… my life. I went to 3 weeks fashion… Two for Elie Saab and one for Stella Mccartney.

How would you describe your personal style?

I don’t like over makeup. I love light and simply dresses so…. the simply style.

You have a natural beauty. Which are your beauty tricks?vera adel

Nothing. Just I’m trying to save it by early sleep, organic food, save my skin…

What qualities does a woman need to be successful?

First and the most important thing… she must be confident in herself that she can achieve her goals; trying to do anything in order that… no matter how difficult is; don’t cease to learn more and more to be one of the best. And the last thing or maybe it should be first thing, she had to chose the correct target to be successful in it.

vera adel

What has been your favorite modeling experience?

I love Coca-cola advertisement done 4 years ago. But the most experience was with Elie Saab.

What are you working on right now and what are your future aspirations?

I am working for Runway in USA and most advertisements for me are in USA and Argentina. I am tired from travel a lot to USA. I hope that my next challenge will be in my new hometown too Paris – for Christian Dior or Metropolitan models or Elite Paris or A&D models, anything in Paris because I love this city and the modeling is easy there too.

vera adelMeaning of words for Vera Adel

High heels: I adore it – make me sense that I’m beautiful and sexy girl. I love wide heels.

Diamonds: Of course love it, but not this mania for some girls… I love cute bracelets and anklets.

Lipstick: Love it too…

Travel: I love it… I’m traveling around the world for my work and vacations

Love: I love the love. This is only thing that can be more important from my work :))

Ladylike: Of course love it too

Thank you Vera. Wish you the best and be Ladylike 😉



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